We will notify you
when your WordPress is down

Webli Pulse is an application that detects problems with website activity - if your website does not load properly, you will receive a notification within a minute.

How it's working?

Our system verifies the indicated website resources, domain activity and content content every minute. If a website fault is detected, you will be notified immediately.
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Pulse by Webli top features

Site monitors
We check the page's response codes, response time and the content of headers and content in the page body.
Cron jobs
Performing cron jobs requires constant monitoring. Their incorrect operation may affect the operation of the entire application.
Status pages
Link to a beautiful status page on your website so your users can be sure it's working properly.
Each incident is monitored and you receive direct notification of its occurrence within a few minutes.

How we can notify you

You will receive a message straight to selected e-mail boxes with a message about a new problem.
Integrate any application that supports webhooks and send error information at your convenience.
Slack i Discord
Do you work on Slack or Discord? Send notifications straight to your feed and let your colleagues know.
If you prefer Telegram - use it to receive messages about failures of your website or store.

Don't wait for the customer to ask what happened to your website

80% of website and online store owners find out that their website is not working properly only after 24 hours. From Webli you will receive a message within minutes of detecting a fault.
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Additional advantages

Multiple locations
We check your monitors from multiple locations around the world.
Custom HTTP requests
Request method, request body, basic authentication, and custom request headers.
Custom HTTP responses
Set and expect a specific response from your monitors.