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Managed shared hosting and supported VPS

Hosting your website is the foundation of our advanced Smart Managed WordPress solution, and all our plans include hosting on exceptionally powerful servers. We believe that every website is crucial to success, which is why we only use ultra-modern equipment that is extremely safe and constantly monitored!

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What you need to know about our hosting

Regardless of whether you are a small company or a Fortune 500, all our plans are based on the best equipment and solutions.

For non-technical people

Our hosting is intended for people who do not want to take actions related to the server on their own. All activities, from setting up mailboxes to other tasks, will be done for you.

Free migration with optimization

We will transfer your website and optimize it so that it works as quickly as possible. Depending on the package you choose, you will also receive integration with Rocket CDN.

We focus on safety

Secure and monitored infrastructure. Backups in 3 independent locations. Constant monitoring of website activity. All this to ensure the security of your data and business continuity.


What you get

Whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500, all of our plans are powered by the best enterprise-grade hardware.
Stability and incredible speed
Our hosting platform is optimized for WordPress to ensure incredible stability and speed for your website.
SSL included
Secure and encrypt your and your customers' data with SSL. This also helps in improving the position of your website in Google search engine.
CDN included
Improve load times, handle more traffic and increase security with our Content Distribution Network (CDN).
99.95% availability guarantee (SLA)
Your websites and apps are protected by our 99.95% uptime guarantee.
Test environment for each domain
Enjoy peace of mind with a complete staging environment where you can test new design and code changes before going live on your home page.
Proactive security
We monitor, protect and control your website 24/7 to make sure it is safe from hackers, malware and intruders.
Daily cloud backups
We create daily backups of your website, which are stored in the Amazon Web Services cloud. At your request, we can restore or export any copy made in the last 30 days. Hourly copies are available for customers whose sites require more frequent data updates.
24/7 security monitoring
When it comes to the security and protection of your WordPress site, monitoring and prevention are key. By working with Sucuri, we offer 24/7 malware scanning to detect and resolve security issues before they become serious threats.
Responsive customer service
We know how much our customers appreciate great service and clear communication without too many technical terms. As leaders in WordPress, this has always been our advantage. Excellent customer service is a core element of our managed hosting service.


And you have no worries

You're in peace
Your time is yours. We take care of your website, optimize it, ensure security and respond to any problems before they seriously affect its functioning.

It may be expensive, but completely

One cost
Our offer is not for people looking for the cheapest offers - with us you receive complete care and have quick access to specialists, as well as a server that works quickly throughout the duration of the contract. No compromise.

Failures are there to be solved...

Here and now
... Now. Not tomorrow or in 3 days. Logs, analytical tools, website monitors - we use an arsenal of solutions that allow us to respond quickly to all problems. We take responsibility for maintaining your website.

Choose your path

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are solutions tailored to your needs - single machines or complete server infrastructures for maximum performance.
Get to know dedicated servers

Shared servers

Not your standard servers. We focus on quality, not quantity. With us, your website will not turn off or freeze. We will not leave you in need.
Shared server offer

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During the consultation, you will learn how we can help you achieve your goals. Over 50% of customers who come to us are not fully aware of their needs and unnecessarily invest in solutions that do not solve their problems. The conclusion? It's worth having a conversation. Especially since "for free" is a fair price ;)
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  • No - each WordPress hosting package in our offer includes WordPress already installed or transferred from another hosting.

  • WordPress hosting is a special place on the server that has been configured to ensure optimal operation of the WordPress CMS. Thanks to this, your WordPress website or store will run quickly and efficiently.

  • Yes, just let us know and we will assign your domain to our hosting. You can also transfer your domain to us from another operator. This service is free.

  • The main differences concern two aspects. A paid SSL certificate offers insurance - in the event of a security breach, you will receive compensation. Free certificates do not provide this option. Another aspect is the validity period: a paid SSL certificate is valid for one year, while a free certificate renews automatically every 60 days. All SSL certificates we offer provide a high level of encryption.

  • During the subscription period, you can purchase a new domain and we will update the content of your WordPress. However, please note that it is not possible to change the name of an existing domain. You can assign many different domains to one hosting package.

  • YES, it is absolutely free and very simple! We only need your WordPress admin username and password to complete the migration. We will log in to your WordPress website, download a copy of it and transfer it to our hosting platform.

    We will then clean, optimize and check whether the site is virus-free. Once we are sure everything is working properly, we will let you know. We can usually move and get your site ready within 4 hours (this time may take longer if the site is "messy", but don't worry, we'll take care of it no matter how long it takes!)..

    You can test your website yourself, and when you are 100% satisfied with the result, we will publish it and show it to the world!

    There won't be a minute of downtime, and we'll take care of everything for you!