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If your WordPress site encounters malware issues, our team of experts will provide quick assistance. Contact us and we will start diagnosing and solving your problem immediately.

We diagnose

Our diagnosis process quickly identifies malware threats on your WordPress site. We use advanced techniques to precisely locate problems and effectively restore website security.

We repair and secure

We effectively repair damage to your WordPress website, restoring its functionality. We then implement advanced security solutions to protect it from future attacks. We provide your website with comprehensive protection and resilience.

Quick solution - minimizing losses

A damaged or infected website, apart from losing functionality - acquiring sales or leads and wasting advertising budgets, may be marked as dangerous or drop in search results - response time is of great importance for future launches.
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Step one - contact and verification
Our specialist will contact you, you will provide him with access data to the website, database and FTP (don't worry, if you don't know how to do it - we will guide you), then he will verify the problem and, if possible, take the necessary actions to minimize losses.
Step two - analysis and estimation
After verification, you will receive information about the problem, how long it will take to solve it and the cost of carrying out this work, or you will receive a personalized offer of monthly care.
Step three - solving the problem
You register an account and choose your care plan or pay for a one-time repair, while we work on solving the problem and restoring your website to operation.

The Webli team helped us get our 3 sites back up and running by fully committing and completing the entire process on Friday evening. I wish there were more companies like this.

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