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for WordPress

A WordPress website doesn't have to be a problem.
We create and maintain websites hassle-free, for you.

Build your business. Leave WordPress to us.

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have someone else take care of your WordPress site so you can focus on what's really important to you? We present subscription maintenance for WordPress websites - a comprehensive solution that will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief and provide peace of mind. Our team of experts will take care of ongoing monitoring, updates and optimization of your website so that it works quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, you can count on our technical support, always ready to help in case of any problems. Join the group of satisfied customers and let us take care of your WordPress website so you can focus on developing your business.

Kuba Juncewicz

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Flexible support for WordPress and Woocommerce websites

We support every type of website

We deal with all types of websites and stores with WordPress, regardless of whether it is a ready-made template, page builder or individually coded solution.

We work to the fullest extent

We take over the full scope of responsibilities. From security, through optimization, to activities related to maintaining the proper functioning of the website, such as updates

We advise on development

We understand business, and our experience in marketing and sales makes us great advisors and will help you choose the best solutions and development directions.

What do you get?

Website monitoring
We have our own system for monitoring and scanning websites - if your WordPress is infected or stops responding, we will know about it immediately and we will be able to take action to repair it.
Crash repair
If something on your website stops working, we will take the necessary steps to restore its full functionality. Not only on the front, but also in the panel.
Page load time is important for both SEO and UX. We optimize WordPress so that the website loads quickly and achieves good results in Google Page Speed Insight.
We perform updates on an ongoing basis, ensuring that the plugin versions are compatible with each other, and performing post-update tests so that your website is always fully functional.
We protect WordPress files against hacking. We also ensure the security of the panel via Firewall, tracking attack attempts and suspicious APIs. Additionally, we take a number of steps to protect the website against spam.
Page cleanup
In the case of attacks and infections, we clean files, make security changes and analyze the source from which the infection came.
We perform external WordPress backups independent of your hosting, which include all your files and data, with fast restores available from your WordPress dashboard, so you always have quick access to a copy of your site.
Error and activity logs
We track all your website activity. We receive information from the error log and website activities in real time, so we can quickly identify problems on your website.
Regardless of whether your question is specific "is it possible on WordPress..." or you want to learn new possibilities of developing your website, we have the knowledge and experience to support you in your development.

What does it look like to start cooperation?

Purchase of the selected service
If you need help choosing the best plan for you, please contact us before purchasing. We will be happy to help.
General website audit
Before starting work, we verify the correct operation of the website. If it turns out that the website has serious problems that exceed the solutions guaranteed in the support, we will offer a one-time solution before launching the subscription. If you do not accept the quote, we will refund your funds.
Registration and transfer of access data
Register on our website and then provide us with your access data to the WordPress administration panel and hosting. Your data is safe with us - we take care of its confidentiality and security.
Connection for monitoring
Our team will set up monitoring of your website's availability, which will allow us to respond quickly in the event of any disruption to the website.
Security audit
Before taking further action, we will conduct a security audit of your website to identify potential threats and ensure optimal security.
Security implementation
We will implement security measures for your website's code and configure a number of tools such as Firewall, reCaptcha, forcing updates of dangerous passwords and many others.
Performance optimization
We will optimize the operation of your website to make it fast and responsive, which translates into better user experience and positioning in search engines.
After the work is completed, you will receive a detailed report on the activities performed. We will also monitor and update your website on an ongoing basis, and our technical support team will be available to help you with any questions or issues.
From now on you are under our care. If you have any problems, come to us and if you need consultation - you can count on us.
Responding to problems
If anything happens to the functioning of your website, we will solve it. So that your website works efficiently and correctly.


Wordpress Club

A rich set of plugins and external backups for your website.
$19 / monthly
Configure the product to your requirements
  • Basic email support
  • problems notifications
  • Backups x1 a day (retention for 50 days)
  • Error log
  • Uptime and speed monitor
  • Internal malware and issue scanner
  • Wp Rocket / Coliber + Smush / Imagify
  • Defender PRO


Backups and basic technical support and website monitoring.
$76 / monthly
Configure the product to your requirements
  • Standard email support
  • Updates for WP, plugins, and templates
  • Backups x2 a day (retention for 50 days)
  • Identification of technical issues
  • Error log
  • Uptime and speed monitor
  • Internal malware and issue scanner
  • Wp Rocket / Coliber + Smush / Imagify
  • Defender PRO (+ configuration)


Resolution of technical issues and full website optimization
from $109 / monthly
Configure the product to your requirements.
  • Standard email support
  • Updates for WP, plugins, and templates
  • Backups x2 a day (retention for 50 days)
  • Resolution of technical problems
  • Error log
  • Uptime and speed monitor
  • Internal malware and issue scanner
  • WP Rocket or Coliber + Smush or Imagify (+ configuration)
  • Full optimization of scripts, images, and more
  • Resolution of JS and PHP problems
  • Defender PRO (+ configuration)


Complete security, support, and optimization for the demanding
from $199 / monthly
Configure the product to your requirements.
  • Priority support
  • Updates for WP, plugins, and templates
  • Technical problems resolution
  • Backups x24 a day (retention for 90 days)
  • Error log
  • Uptime and speed monitor
  • Internal malware and problems scanner
  • External malware and problems scanner
  • User activity logs
  • WP Rocket or Coliber + Smush or Imagify (+ configuration)
  • Full optimization of scripts, images, and more
  • Resolution of PHP and JS problems
  • Defender PRO (+ configuration)
  • External firewall
  • Extended code edits for security
  • Security-enhancing configuration
See details


Wordpress ClubBaseBase+Advanced
Dedicated toA rich set of plugins and external backups for your websiteBackups and basic technical support and website monitoringSolving technical faults and full website optimizationFull security, support and optimization for demanding users
Price$19/m$76/mfrom $109/mfrom $199/m
Email supportBasicStandardStandardPriority
Backups before updates
RaportsOnce a monthOnce a monthOnce a monthOnce a month
Health audit websiteWithout correctionsWithout correctionsWith correctionsWith corrections
Custom implementations (e.g. Docker)
Custom Host (E.g. AWS)
Solving problems
Repair of websites after a faultfrom 150zł in 24hup to 24 hours free of chargeup to 24 hours free of chargeup to 12 hours free of charge
Malware Cleanupfrom 500złfrom 340złOd 240zł
Restoring a website from a backup
Frequency2x a day (every hour +$15)2x a day (every hour +$15)2x a day (every hour +$15)Every hour
Maintaining backups50 days50 days50 days50 days for hourly + 90 for every 12 hours
Stage version120 PLN per month120 PLN per month120 PLN per monthFree
Scans and monitoring
Error logs
Server activity scans (Uptime monitor)
Page speed scans
Mailware scansInternal onlyInternal only
Scan of damaged faulty pluginsInternal onlyInternal only
Tracking user activity/Logs of activities in the panel
Script optimization
Request optimization
Cleaning and optimizing the database
Image optimization
WebP conversion
Cache configuration
Compression configuration
Server optimization*
Redirect optimization
Bug fixes
CDN$12 / m - paid yearly$12 / m - paid yearly$12 / m - paid yearly$12 / m - paid yearly
Brute Force SecurityBasic (Defender)Basic (Defender)Basic (Defender)Full
FirewallBasic (Defender)Basic (Defender)Basic (Defender)Full
Manual code security
reCaptcha configuration
Limiting logins
Enforcing secure passwords
Optimization pluginWprocket / HummingbirdWprocket / HummingbirdWprocket / HummingbirdWprocket / Hummingbird
Photo optimization pluginImagify / SmushImagify / SmushImagify / SmushImagify / Smush
Internal securityDefenderDefenderDefenderDefender

Kuba Juncewicz

CEO & New business manager

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  • Yes, it is understandable that the needs of your website may change over time.

    You can change the package to another one at any time to better adapt our services to your current requirements. Just contact us and we will help you make the change.

  • We understand that each site has its own unique needs. That's why we are open to developing individual care plans tailored to the specific requirements of your service.

    Contact us to discuss your expectations and together create a plan that will best meet your requirements.

  • We accept various forms of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. If you have other payment preferences, please let us know and we will try to adapt to your needs.

  • Yes, we offer attractive discounts for customers who decide on a longer commitment period.

    Contact us to learn more about available discount options.

  • We build multilingual websites based on WordPress. Our team is experienced in working with various translation plugins and can support your website regardless of the number of languages supported.

  • Yes, we support WordPress-based e-commerce sites, including those using popular plugins such as WooCommerce.

    Our team has experience in managing and optimizing online stores, which allows us to provide the best quality services for your website.

  • While our main service focuses on WordPress site maintenance, we also work with SEO experts who can help optimize your site for search engines.

    Contact us to discuss your SEO needs and receive a personalized quote.

  • As part of the specialist hours available in your package, we can perform a variety of development work related to your WordPress website. Below is a list of sample tasks that we can complete for you. Additional working hours are billed separately.

  • Yes, our WordPress website care and support services do not require moving your website to our hosting. We can work with your current hosting provider to provide the highest level of service.

    However, in this case we are often unable to implement all planned assumptions, especially speed optimization.
    The biggest problems occur with Home and Name hosting.

  • Before we update your website, we make a backup copy so that it can be restored to its previous state if necessary. In case of problems resulting from the update, our team will immediately take action to repair any damage and restore the proper functioning of the website.

    We work with the utmost care to minimize the risk of problems related to updates.

  • Updates for WordPress sites are performed regularly. We monitor available system, plugin and theme updates to keep your website in the best possible condition. We usually update at least once a month. In the event of critical security updates, we respond immediately to ensure your site is protected from potential threats.

    We make sure that all updates are performed safely and do not negatively impact the operation of your website.

WordPress Maintenance - Who Is WordPress Website Maintenance Dedicated To?

If your company's primary source of customer acquisition is your website, you cannot afford any downtime in its operation. Downtime can be caused by a site hack or problems with the server hosting the site.

Why Is It Worth Investing in Professional WordPress Service and Care?

When your website serves as a key customer acquisition tool, it's essential to ensure its continuous and trouble-free operation. Downtime can result from various issues, including website hacking or server problems.

Benefits of Choosing Professional WordPress Care

One of the primary advantages of WordPress is its security, thanks to the commitment of developers from around the world who continually work on code protection. However, to fully leverage these advantages, regular CMS system updates are necessary. Prompt software updates are the key to securing your site when vulnerabilities are detected.
Additionally, server failures may lead to data loss if backups are stored locally on the same server. Therefore, it's advisable to invest in an external backup solution, such as automatic backup on a separate cloud server. This way, even in the event of a server failure, you can swiftly restore the website using the data from the backup.

Ensuring Website Security - The Key Role of WordPress Care

Priority in WordPress support and care is given to ensuring the security of clients' websites. This is why we have implemented automatic monitoring of plugins installed on WordPress websites. If we detect security vulnerabilities in any of the plugins, we take immediate actions to secure the website, including updating plugins and fixing security errors. Security issues are treated as a top priority, and we don't wait for the next monthly update cycle; we act immediately.

Effective WordPress Care - Optimization and Speed

Professional WordPress care isn't just about security; it also encompasses the optimization and speed of your website. By regularly monitoring website performance and making necessary configuration adjustments, we can significantly enhance website loading speed. A faster website improves user experience, leading to higher conversions and better search engine rankings.

Increased Visibility with WordPress Support

Good WordPress care also involves improving your website's visibility in search engines. Aligning your website with the requirements of search engines like Google and Bing, in accordance with current SEO guidelines, can yield tangible benefits in the form of increased visitors and potential customers. WordPress maintenance experts will assist you in optimizing website content and implementing position monitoring tools, enabling you to make informed decisions in your marketing efforts.

Long-Term Benefits of Investing in WordPress Care

By choosing professional WordPress service and care, you gain the support of experienced specialists who oversee every aspect of your website's functioning. The long-term benefits of this collaboration include security, optimization, visibility, and the development of website functionality tailored to your company's needs. Partnering with WordPress experts guarantees continuous website development and maintaining it at the highest level of quality.

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