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Speed is crucial to the success of your WordPress site. Slow loading times can cost you customers and better rankings in search results. Every second matters!

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Step by step
we optimize your website


We like to start from scratch, so first of all we backup, analyze and update.

Bug fixes

The best server and optimization will not help if the website is full of errors and causes problems in displaying content.

Media optimization

Graphics and photos are almost always the "heaviest" element of the website, which can slow down even the best-made websites.

Resource loading optimization

JS, CSS minification, preload configuration, delaying script loading, selecting unnecessary ones and excluding unused css.
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Before we start, we make a backup of the website and then save the current state of the website before each major task. If the website has a lot of traffic, we make a stage version.
Efficient hosting
The key is a fast server! We will adjust your hosting configuration and, if necessary, suggest switching to a more efficient solution.
Plugin audit
We will analyze installed plugins to identify those that negatively impact the site and propose alternative solutions.
WordPress and plugin updates
The key is to stay current. We will take care of updating the CMS and plugins to the latest versions.
PHP version upgrade
The PHP language is constantly evolving. If your website is not using the latest version, its performance may be limited. We will then remove bugs that may appear after upgrading to newer versions.
Fixing resource loading errors
Poorly set redirects, resources not responding or loading them in the wrong order not only affects the page speed, but can also cause many glitches.
Removing PHP errors
Poorly configured plugins or incorrectly written actions in templates or functions cause huge problems with page loading.
Fixing JS errors
Many websites have trouble loading due to errors generated by plugins and templates. We thoroughly debug the website to detect and neutralize them.
Database cleanup
The WordPress database may store unnecessary information. We will remove outdated data to improve site performance.
WordPress theme optimization
Some themes may be poorly constructed, slowing down your site's performance. We will optimize them or suggest changes.
Multimedia optimization
Large files may slow down page loading. We will compress your graphics, preserving their quality so that they load faster. We will also automatically compress any images you upload in the future.
Conversion to WebP
All images will be converted to lightweight WebP format.
Loading images on demand (Lazy Loading)
Lazy loading for iframes and images on your website reduces loading time and saves bandwidth. We make sure we don't use external JS libraries to limit request volume.
CDN configuration
Jeśli Twoja strona zawiera wiele obrazów, są one ciężkie, lub musi być szybka dla użytkowników z różnych części świata konfigurujemy wybrany CDN.
Cache configuration on the page
We will properly configure the cache on your website, minimizing server load and speeding up loading.
Organizing the source code
We will remove unnecessary styles, scripts, fonts and then reduce the size of the remaining code elements to optimize the operation of the website.
Render blocking resources
We move JavaScript/CSS files, font imports and other resources to a place where they will not affect the loading time of visual elements for your visitors.
Javascript and CSS minification
We concentrate all scripts and styles, minimize and compress them, add expiring headers, cache your page and move styles to the page header and scripts to the footer.
Browser cache usage
Ustawiamy regularnie aktualizowaną, zapisaną wersję Twojej strony. Kiedy ludzie odwiedzają Twoją stronę, pokazujemy im szybciej wczytującą się wersję buforowaną, zamiast wczytywać całą stronę.
Enable compression
We enable Gzip compression from your server or from the place where your resources are delivered. This means faster load times and an overall faster site.
Deleting query strings
URLs with "?" are not cached by some proxies or CDNs. This could be a missed opportunity to increase speed, so we optimize them.
Server response time verification
Slow pages are often the result of being hosted on an insufficient server. We monitor the hosting provider's resources and recommend changes if necessary.
Merging requests
We reduce the number of requests your site sends by combining all CSS and JS files and moving what we can to the footer, which can help reduce loading times.
Embedding critical CSS
CSS should technically only be declared in the header, so we embed the most important CSS styles and load those that aren't.

What is it like to start working?

Purchasing a service
Choose the plan that suits your site and pay for the service or order a consultation - we will help you with everything.
Transfer of data
After placing the order, transfer the data to the panel, FTP and SQL - if you don't know how to do it, our support will guide you.
Start of action
Depending on the traffic on the website, we work live or create a draft version of the website.
Here we implement our 53-point optimization plan, practiced on over 480 orders.
After optimization, we test the website on different devices and with different activities to make sure that the changes do not affect its performance.
We provide you with information about completed work and a report on the change in results.
If you notice that something is not working as it should, we make corrections.
End of work
Once done, we move the site to the correct domain and, if you wish, we delete our working account and delete login details from our logs.




For business sites without registration and eCommerce functionality
One time payment
What do you get
  • Audit of plugins and templates
  • Updating
  • Server optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Resource optimization
  • Cache configuration


For WordPress with Woocommerce or Memberpress
One time payment
What do you get
  • Audit of plugins and templates
  • Updating
  • Server optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Resource optimization
  • Cache configuration

WordPress Membership

For WordPress with BBPress, Buddypress or other social plugin
One time payment
What do you get
  • Audit of plugins and templates
  • Updating
  • Server optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Resource optimization
  • Cache configuration

WordPress Custom

For sites with a lot of custom solutions or on custom templates
One time payment
What do you get
  • Audit of plugins and templates
  • Updating
  • Server optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Resource optimization
  • Cache configuration

Or choose on a monthly plan

Wordpress Club
A rich set of plugins and external backups for your website.
This service is not offered on this plan
Backups and basic technical support and website monitoring.
This service is not offered on this plan
Solving technical faults and full website optimization.
Go to Plan
Full security, support and optimization for demanding users.
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  • Thanks to many hours of manual optimization and premium plugins available for free as part of our care plans, weachieve page speeds sufficient to significantly impact the positive effects of the sites we manage.

    During implementation, our team performs a full analysis of your website and hosting environment. This allows us to create and implement a unique plan for your website, significantly reducing loading times.

    Additionally, we make sure to keep your website speed up to date. Having your website load quickly is one thing, but maintaining it in the long run is a real advantage.

    We also work with premium WP Rocket and Imagify plugins, offering you free access to both plugins as part of your care plan. Thanks to this, we provide advanced caching and compression of images on your websites.

  • Yes, we offer our own hosting services in several options and we can relocate you for free.

    Our team will be happy to recommend a hosting provider that they believe will best meet your website's requirements (including faster page load times). Once you have registered with your new hosting provider, we will work with them and you to oversee your migration. Their migration team will perform the migration, but our team will make sure everything goes smoothly and without downtime.

    Once the migration is complete, we willtake over the management of your hosting environment for optimizationto make sure your site is getting the most out of your new, fast server!

  • While we always aim to achieve load times of less than 1 second, we never make blanket promises regarding the load times of the sites we manage. People who make such promises are just trying to sell their services and get you to use your credit card faster.

    Despite this, most of the sites we manage load in less than 2 seconds, which is consistent with Google's recommendation for optimal loading times.

    Every website is different, and depending on certain aspects of your website, you may not be able to achieve a load time of less than 2 seconds! For example, if your site is on shared hosting (along with 20,000 other sites) and has 20 Google ads providing external content, there is a good chance that the site will be slow.

    However, if you follow the advice of our speed engineers, make sure your site is using the right hosting, and carefully balance your marketing and growth needs with minimalist speed optimization techniques, achieving load times under 2 seconds should be no problem. strong>

  • The time it takes to optimize a WordPress site can vary depending on many factors, such as the amount of content, the plugins and themes used, and the client's individual needs. Typically, the optimization process takes from several days to several weeks. Our team will make every effort to optimize your website as quickly as possible, while maintaining the highest quality of services.

  • Our goal is to optimize the page loading time without affecting its appearance or functionality. We strive to improve performance while maintaining the integrity of your design and vision. If changes need to be made, we will always consult with you before implementing them.

  • Plugins and themes have a significant impact on the loading time of a WordPress website. During optimization, we will check that the plugins and themes you use are up to date, optimized for performance and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If it turns out that changes are necessary, we will provide you with recommendations for alternative plugins or themes that will help speed up your website while maintaining its functionality.

  • We use various tools to monitor page loading time, such as Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, WebPageTest and Pingdom. These tools help us evaluate site performance before and after optimization, as well as identify areas for improvement.

  • Yes, optimizing page loading time can have a positive impact on your position in search results. Google and other search engines consider page load time as one of their key ranking factors. Improving your website's performance can help you rank higher in search results and more.

In today's digital world, where every second counts in maintaining user attention, website loading speed has become a key element of online success. For WordPress sites, speed optimization is no longer just an option – it's a necessity. It not only improves the user experience, but also has a significant impact on positioning in search engines such as Google.

Why Speed Optimization is Important

Studies have shown that a delay in page loading of just one second can reduce conversions by up to 7%. In a world where competition is just a click away, page speed can be the deciding factor in customer retention. Moreover, Google clearly states that page speed is one of the key ranking factors, which means that faster pages have a better chance of ranking higher in search results.

Webli's WordPress Speed Optimization Service Review

Webli offers a comprehensive speed optimization service for WordPress sites, focusing on the key aspects that affect loading speed. From updating PHP, through cache configuration, to optimizing images and scripts - our team of experts takes care of every detail to make your website work quickly. Our solutions are individually tailored to the needs of each site, guaranteeing the best possible results.

Steps of the Optimization Process

The optimization process in Webli includes several key stages:

  1. Analysis and Audit – We start with a detailed analysis of the current website performance.
  2.  PHP Update – We make sure your website is using the latest PHP version for better performance.
  3. Cache optimization – We configure cache systems to reduce page loading time.
  4. Image and Script Optimization – We reduce the size of images and optimize scripts to make the page load faster.
  5. Monitoring and Adjusting – After implementing changes, we monitor performance and make further optimizations.

Benefits of Page Speed Optimization

Investing in website speed optimization brings tangible benefits. First, a faster site means happier users who are more likely to interact and make purchases. Secondly, better website performance directly translates into higher positions in search engines, which in turn leads to increased organic traffic. Finally, speed optimization is a long-term investment in your brand's reputation and credibility in the online world.


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